A gentle reminder to ourselves

It’s always the most comforting thing in life to realize how not alone we are. That we all struggle. That our houses are messy, our toilets are a battlefield of peepee and Lord knows what else, our sinks full of dishes and our laundry overflowing. That one room gets cleaned and only lasts long enough for another area to be cleaned before it needs to be tidied yet again. That we will forever be stepping on stray cereal, re-hardened pasta and that one piece of Lego that is ALWAYS on the floor. That there are fingerprints on our TVs and windows and glasses. That no matter how many times we resolve to be better, there will always be something that sets us off (see above). However, even with all of our perceived faults, we ARE good moms. We DO love our children. The very fact that we are so concerned about our kids proves this. It’s always hard to remember in the heat of the moment, but there is always a good friend or family member who will remind you. That and the only way they’ll be going to college in diapers is if they’re going at 2 years old. 


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