My husband somehow managed to find an amazing deal for Great Wolf Lodge. I mean, that’s relative with the budget we’re on with 3 kids and the regular cost of the destination itself, but it’s still a really great deal. It’s just for one night, though. Any longer we’d need a second mortgage… And we’re renters.

As I started packing, I realized that we are at least 5 years from traveling “light”. Each kid needs an extra change of clothes, with Boo needing an extra for his extra. We need swim diapers for two of the boys, but how many do I bring?! Seven each? Ok. Fourteen swim diapers total. How many regular diapers? What if today is the day that explosive diarrhea happens?! Better bring 10 each. Ok. Twenty regular diapers total.

Transportation for the kids? Right. Do we bring the Snap n Go or a lightweight stroller for Boo? Should we use the collapsible wagon for the big boys or the double stroller? I have the Moby for Boo, but should I bring the go•pod, too? I’ll need to give my arms a break, right? Best not forget the pack n play! Boo needs to sleep somewhere… Pardon me, I mean lay down during the time that people normally sleep.

Entertainment for the kids? How many toys do we bring? There’s a lot to do at GWL, but what if Boo’s cough keeps him in the room? We have DVDs for the kids, but maybe we should bring that huge art set they got for Hanukkah just in case. If we do that, though, they could lose something important… Like my sanity.

What about snacks? They hate something one minute, love it the next and vice versa. That does not make food planning easy. Are there kosher food options there? No? Ok. Doggie bags from Shabbos dinner at our friends’ house. Grab the squeeze packs, granola bars, cucumber slices, that unopened bottle of vodk… I mean, water. Let’s not even discuss the meat and dairy thing right now. I’m stressed enough as it is.

Am I forgetting anything? Oh. That’s right. MY clothes. A bathing suit might be handy. Do I bring makeup? I mean, we’ll be swimming a lot, but what about when we’re not? I don’t want to frighten anyone away with my “I-have-3-kids-and-never-sleep-face”. On second thought, having the lazy river to myself sounds almost as good as showering alone…

On the upside, there is no sunblock needed, no need to bring a set of warm clothes AND a set of cool clothes in case the weather can’t decide, no need to bring sun hats to protect them from the sun.

On the downside, we need sweatshirts, boots, shoes, winter hats, mitts, the kitchen sink…

Aba is really looking forward to the time away. Ima is already thinking about unpacking all of the “necessary” stuff we had to bring, 3/4 of which will never even make an appearance out of the duffel bag, and will be done as soon as we’re home…

…Or in a few days. I have a feeling that I’ll need to use Tuesday through Friday as a vacation after my vacation. Wish us luck!


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