A Huggies Review

I was recently sent, courtesy of Influenster (thanks Influenster), a package of Huggies Little Movers to review. Now, having 3 kids, you’d assume that we’d have tried them. Well, you know what assuming does, right? Exactly. While we are a Huggies family, I had never tried the Little Movers. 

So, I get the package, and after letting Boo chomp on, smack around and throw it off of the couch, I opened the package and examined a diaper. It looked like a regular diaper, so what made it so special? Does it change itself? Potty train infants? Do my dishes? Catch up on my laundry? Nope on all counts. What it DID do was keep it together

What does that mean, you ask? Let me explain. When babies or kids move around in regular diapers, the little tab that goes over the flap and sticks to the front of the diaper moves. The flap sticks out and skin shows. And where there is skin, there is leakage. And where there is leakage, there is more laundry. Now these diapers have not one, but two Velcro tabs. This means that the little flap has nowhere to go. The regular tab holds to the front of the diaper and the flap is stuck in place with the second piece of Velcro. 

Now, this alone had me jumping for joy. Add to that the fact that we experienced no blowouts, Boo had no diaper rash and Mickey & Minnie are still the characters and you have a very happy Ima.

So there we are. Go out and buy allthe Little Movers now! Well, not all. I need some, too! #IChooseHuggies


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