So, I’m The Mom. The Jewish Mom. I keep kosher and I cook kosher food. I buy kippot like other moms buy Lego. We go to Shul (the synagogue), we do Kiddush (the blessing over the wine), Motzei (the blessing over the challah), Havdallah (the blessings that separate the Shabbat from the rest of the week) and send the kids to Jewish/Israeli schools. I cover my head with either a hat, headband or tichel whenever I’m out of the house. I try to dress modestly as often as possible. I even nag and guilt really, really well! Seriously. Just ask The Dad! Even my Hebrew name’s initials are N.A.G.!!!!!


So what am I missing?


I can read it, follow along and daven (pray) in Shul, have a very basic conversation and sing along with the kids’ CDs, but I have basically no idea what I’m saying. At 2, GreenBean understands a thousand times better than I think I ever will. Sweet Savta Raba (The Dad‘s grandmother) speaks very little English these days and it breaks my heart to stare at her blankly while she tries to communicate with me. 

To that end, I have made it my mission in life to learn Hebrew. I want to speak it, read it, communicate with my children and sing it, but, more importantly, understand it. I’ve ordered the educational books and CDs, I’m listening to the kids CDs pretty well all day at this point and YouTube, Pinterest and I are now buddies in this language learning venture. I also looked into the Israeli Network with Rogers, but $14.95CAD/mth seemed a bit much and, frankly, not at all in the budget. Do you know how many kippot I can buy with that money?!

Wish me luck. I fear I’ll go crazy in the process of trying to teach my 32 year old brain a new language, but it’ll be worth it. I think. I hope. I know. I pray.  

!אני חושבת! אני מקווה! אני יודעת! אני מתפלל 

My new candelabra. Why? I don’t really have anything that says “I’m learning Hebrew” at my disposal…


18 thoughts on “Hebr-what?


    Before meeting each other in Israel, my parents immigrated (separately) from Russia, in their late 20s.

    The didn’t know a word of Hebrew. Since I was born in Israel, they had no choice but to learn the language.

    My point is that, anything is possible. Even learning Hebrew 🙂

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  2. Well I hope you learn to speak, read, write and understand it quickly. Don’t give up because it will be worth it. Just remember learning a new language is a process that is a life time to learn and understand. I still am trying to grasp there, their and they’re; punctuations and spelling as well pronounce words “correctly”. But my struggle is I live in England where we have the same language but it sometimes foreign to me. I can’t imagine what challenges you face!

    By the way for a 32 year old, with three kids, you are looking young and beautiful.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

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    1. Todah Raba! I plan on not giving up because the boys need a mom who understands and can help them.
      For an almost 34yr old, with 3 kids, you still look just as beautiful as you did in high school. I think that it’s the freckles. xo


    1. Thank you! I mostly have yes and no down (mainly NO! <- said just like that) and my accent is pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. I think I'll have to write an update blog as I go along to boast about how wonderfully I'm doing…. Or to laugh at myself for how painstakingly slow it's going. 😉


  3. I do wish you luck! I also wish you patience and perseverance, because it is so difficult to learn a new language when we get older. However, I think because your heart is in the right place, and with God’s help, you can do it! I’m not Jewish, but I’m blessed with quite a few Jewish friends, and I find Hebrew to be such a beautiful, musical language.

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  4. I admire you for trying. I have never been able to master even the basics of another language for which I have always blamed my duff hearing, but I suspect it was as much a lack of effort that prevented it. Good luck with it.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

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  5. Wow! Learning another language is hard. Good luck, I hope you learn quickly. I’ve never been able to get the hang of other languages but I think it’s harder if you don’t have opportunities to use it regularly. Hopefully, using it with your family will help you. #abitofeverything

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  6. I think if you really want to you will definitely be able to understand it, then a little more work be able to talk in it! Good luck I’m sure you will succeed especially as you have family to practice with #abitofeverything

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