Medicated Mama

Reblogging today in honour of #BellLetsTalk. Feel no shame, love yourself enough to reach out.


I’ve always been an anxious person. It’s in my nature, ingrained in my soul. With anxiety comes self doubt, low self-esteem and confidence issues. Until I had kids, I never realized that there was a world without anxiety; that it could be treated, though not cured. Anxiety is, according to my research, a form of mental illness. So too is the Postpartum Depression that led to my Generalized Anxiety Disorder diagnosis.

Let’s back up a bit so I can explain it better.
Peanut was born in October 2011. By November 2011 he had full blown colic and I was beginning to wonder if motherhood was all that its cracked up to be. I mean, if I couldn’t convince him to stop crying for even a few minutes, how was I going to take care of him day in and day out? Sometimes I would put him in his crib, go…

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