Life As A Human – even when you don’t feel like one

As moms, we spend a lot of time worrying about the needs of others. If you’re out in the workforce, you now have to please people not only at home, but in the workplace as well. Because of this, we often let our needs fall by the wayside. Our hair isn’t so fancy, we don’t always have makeup on and our clothes are often messy. It’s become harder to want to put ourselves first. When we do, we can often be wracked with guilt over doing something for ourselves instead of our kids, husband, partner, etc. 


Lord love a duck, do I ever look rough! Time to take my own advice!
Here are a few of the things that I’ve done in the past to help me remember that before I was The Mom or The Mrs., I was Jenn.

1) Paint your nails. If you have small kids, this will often have to wait until nighttime, but a bright pop of colour on your (often) overworked hands can really brighten your day. Sleep regression? No problem! Paint your toenails instead! It doesn’t matter if it’s wintertime and nobody but you will see it. This is all about pleasing yourself and feeling more human! I’ve heard that Jamberry is not only unique, but it takes away the “need to wait for your nails to dry” thing!

2) Throw on a bit of makeup. It can be disheartening to go to the washroom and catch your disheveled appearance in the mirror. I know my Romanian racoon eyes often bring my day down a bit. I’m not saying to go full clown here, but a bit of mascara, bronzer and tinted Chapstick can go a long way. 

3. Take a shower. Difficult with a little one, but sometimes you need to put them in their crib, swing or Exersaucer and take a 5min shower. Sometimes just that bit of water is enough to renew your sanity for a few more hours. Calgon take me away!

4. Have a cookie and a glass of milk. Yes, that’s right. Get a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk and chow down. Sometimes it’s nice to be a kid again. Everything was so much easier when we were kids and a cookie and some milk could fix everything. My mom made THE BEST chocolate chip cookies. They could fix pretty much anything.

5. Play with your kids. I know, I know. You’re asking how that can help you feel human again, amiright? Do you remember being a kid and playing with your Barbies or GI Joes or playing tea party, etc? Those were some of the most worry-free, stress-free and fun times of your life. Playing pretend is a great way to connect with your kids and lose yourself for awhile. Everything else can wait, there are mud pies to be made and an adventure to be had!

See? Easy, inexpensive and worth it. 


5 thoughts on “Life As A Human – even when you don’t feel like one

  1. I generally dont bother with make up, except when I am either feeling top of the world and want to show it off to the world, or I am feeling really rubbish and need to perk myself up a bit.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #happydiaries


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