A few thoughts on this weekend’s tragedy

It was a Jewish holiday. I had no idea what was going on in the outside world. I was making a bean sprout salad on my new mandolin. I thought that I had figured out the guard. I had not. Off to the ER we go. It’s a Sunday, so I’m expecting to be there awhile. We are finally directed into the Red Zone where I am to await (what will be) glue and tape. It is there that we see for the first time the horror that unfolded over the weekend. Everyone looks alternately shocked, appalled and – the saddest part – unsurprised. After tossing it around in my head for a couple of days, here are my thoughts…

Let’s get this straight: Islam, Allah, Afghanistan and Guns didn’t make that piece of garbage walk into that nightclub and massacre all of those people. HATE DID. Whether it was hate for himself, hate for others being “different” or hate for their happiness, confidence and love, it was hatred, plain and simple. Hate is made up of self-loathing, ignorance, difference of opinion and self-importance. I don’t like “The Bachelor”, but I’m not going to kill people simply because they do. That would be stupid, unnecessary and downright cruel.

Just because you don’t agree with everything someone is and does, does NOT give you the right to do anything but turn your head the other way. Grow up, get some damn counselling and smarten the hell up. 

Oh, and in regards to guns, nobody ever picked one up and had it force them to act like a cretin. You do that all by yourselves.



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