Mental Illness · Parenthood · Postpartum Depression

Laying it all out there

My blog reach isn’t far. It doesn’t have millions, thousands or even hundreds of readers. Posting “Medicated Mama” was an easy decision for me – I simply wanted to put the word about Postpartum Depression out there for all to see. All, like, 100 of my readers. It was, and always will be, very important for me to let people know that I have no shame in my medicated game. Heck, I even did a bit or two about it with my delivering hospital! So when the wonderful folks in charge of this year’s Bell Let’s Talk “In Their Own Words” primetime special reached out to me, I jumped at the chance! Get the message out to a much broader audience? Share my struggles with others in hopes of helping even one person know they’re not alone? Um, ABSOLUTELY! The result was a filming session in our apartment with the beautiful, talented and extremely friendly Anne-Marie Mediwake, from CTV’s Your Morning show. In they came, the day after my 35th birthday, 5 people with cameras, lights, microphones and desire. The same desire that I have – to spread the word that there is no need to hide your struggle with mental illness, but to be open with it, in hopes of normalizing the discussion about it. The result was an absolutely stunning and raw hour with other people who are all fighting their own forms of mental illness – and winning. How does one with mental illness win? Easy. Simply by continuing to be. To fight. To love. To be love. To talk.

The talking is the most important part, I think. Without the words, where are we really?


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