A video review! What whaaaat!

 We got the magnets for our MagneTree Books storybook today and I was so excited that I had to do a vlog! Boo's in it, so there's extra inspiration to go watch! Go to our Facebook Page to check it out!!!! #lifeasajewishmom #boymom #supportsmallbusinesses #readtoyourkids #magnetreebooks 💤📔📚📖


Life as a Mom… Without my Mom

In high school there were 2 girls that I hung out with regularly; one was (and still is) my biffle (A-Bear!) and the other was a girl that I am still friends with (though through Facebook as I live 4hrs away). We all had a mom, dad and brothers and loved Heath Ledger. In high…… Continue reading Life as a Mom… Without my Mom